• We Help Dogs With Physical & Behavioral Problems

  • Dog Massage appointments are available Monday – Saturday  9A.M. – 5P.M.


    Indialantic Office/Landline : 321-345-4124

    Cell/Text : 772-233-8671

    Prices :

    Office appointment prices- $50

    In your home appointments –  $65

    Additional $25 – V.O.M. Treatment

    Payments Accepted : Cash – Checks – Paypal – Credit Cards Thru Paypal




    What is Dog Massage?

    Massage is the manipulation of muscles and skin to promote increased circulation to all the organs in your pet’s body. Massage is a branch of alternative therapy that promotes health in animals. The benefit of massage is equivalent to the benefit experienced by humans.

    Does Your Dog Show Signs Of These Problems?



    Spinal Issues – Hunching Of Back, Sore Neck, Or Lameness Of One Or Both Hind Legs



    Muscle Atrophy

    Licking, Chewing Or Biting Himself

    Behavior Issues Such As Aggression, Fearfulness, or Hyperactivity

    If You Answered Yes T o Any Of These Symptoms, Your Dog Needs Massage!



    Some Benefits Of Pet Massage:

    Improved Blood, Lymph, And Oxygen Circulation

    Releases Endorphins Which Are Natural Pain Killers In Your Pets Body.

    Increased Toxin Excretion

    Improved Mental Focus & Attitude

    Healthy Skin & Coat Promotion By Distributing Natural Oils

    Reduced Stiffness Helping To Restore Mobility To Injured Area

    I have massaged thousands of dogs for the last 12 years and have seen incredible results with this alternative healing modality.

    Most dog owners nowadays are willing to try pet massage as a means of treatment for several different types of ailments.

    I have used dog massage in my practice solving behavior problems such as aggression, fearfulness and phobias.

    Our dogs have stress in their lives trying to cope living with their busy human owners.

    Many people tell me they think massage is the same as petting but they have no idea how different it is.

    With dog massage we are focusing on specific areas of discomfort,  therapeutic strokes and combinations of physical and energetic motions.

    I find that dog owners will spend more money on their pets than themselves.