• We Help Dogs With Physical & Behavioral Problems

  • Canine Hydromassage brings therapeutic massage to a higher level.

    Warm water with its buoyancy in a spa and swimming pool, creates a non impact environment for your dog.

    When a dog is massaged in water they become relaxed, re-balanced, rejuvenated, reconditioned, and happy.

     Prices: Hydromassage –  60 minute session – $100

    30 Minute session – $50


    Any discipline, be it dock diving, conformation, field training, fly ball, obedience, lure coursing, whatever the venue-or just your best friend, your dog will greatly benefit from canine hydromassage!

    Ray Mashler, CVCP, CEMT, CCMT, is here to bring soothing relief to your canine companion in a serene setting.

    Enhance your canine’s flexibility, muscle tone and endurance in a non-pact environment.

    Increase your canine’s muscle mass, helps with weight loss, and arthritic conditions.

      Our beautiful 50 foot pool with separate spa & water fountain is at your disposal for the benefit of your best friend’s health.

    The spa is where we massage the dog and the pool is used for stretching and rocking movements. It has 8 jets. with intensity control to accentuate your canine’s hydromassage experience.


    I have massaged thousands of dogs in the last 14 years on land.  I have had tremendous results but nothing compared to hydromassage.

    In the water a dog’s muscles relax much more than on land. I can feel all the ligaments and tendons while massaging with much more definition.

      Joints become agile and range of motion increases effortlessly.  We also add Himalayan salt to our spa which helps with arthritis and joint immobility.

    Canine hydromassage is an alternative healing modality that is recognized by most veterinarians as helpful with post surgeries.

    While most hydrotherapy is done in an indoor facility we feel our outside facility is perfect for hydr

    The difference is hydrotherapy is mostly swimming in a pool, whereas hydromassage is mostly performed in the spa.

    By being outside we feel a dog is more comfortable by breathing nice fresh air and not closed up indoors.