• We Help Dogs With Physical & Behavioral Problems

  • Canine Hydromassage

     Canine hydromassage takes pet massage to a higher therapeutic level. Warm water with its buoyancy in a spa and swimming pool, creates a non impact environment for your dog.

    10 Benefits Of Hydromassage :

    1. Improves Gait

    2. Builds Confidence

    3. Reduces Stress

    4. Strengthens Muscles

    5. Strengthens Heart & Lungs

    6. Improves Endurance

    7. Promotes Weight Loss

    8. Alleviates Arthritic Pain

    9. Increases Proprioception

    10. Improves Range Of Motion 
















  • "Dogs Lives Are Too Short. Their Only Fault, Really." - Agnes Sligh Turnbull
  • Discounts Available To Canine Massage Groups & Private Multi-Pet Homes

  • Treasure Coast Pet Massage is dedicated to help dog owners learn all about pet massage and natural healing modalities.

    Prices :

    Canine Massage Appointments :

    $ 50  Indialantic Office.

    In Your Home : $65  

     Additional  $25  for Canine Structural Balancing

     Payments Accepted : Cash – Checks – Paypal –


    I have combined my 26 years of experience with dogs in several different types of healing modalities that I will share with you on this website.

    Dog owners around the world are now learning the benefits of dog massage.

     They are  realizing the difference between a professional massage and just petting their best friend.

    I encourage everyone to let their 4-legged companions enjoy a therapeutic massage on land and in the water.